Oh, Hello.


Oh, Hello.



"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one." —C.S. Lewis

We're Brodie and Caroline Ellis, married best friends, who, despite our VAST differences, have created this business together.  He's the brains, I'm the creativity, and I say we make a pretty good team, even if I'm a little biased.  Ellis Illustrations was formed to create an outlet for my (Caroline's) creativity.


Why am I an artist?

At our core, the most important thing to me and Brodie is our faith in Jesus Christ.  Our worldview is based entirely around that truth, and honestly, it's why I (Caroline) create! We believe that humans are made in the image of God, and as a Creative God telling His story, we imitate Him in doing likewise.  Capturing an image, designing your logo—it's all about us being who we were created to be as artists. 

So, who are we as a team?

Quite simple, really—we're story-tellers.  Whether it's a logo for your business or your wedding portraits, we want to tell your story.  That means we want more than just a business transaction—we want to connect and spend time with you!

**above image taken by the lovely Anna Duncan


What We Love

What We Love


What We Love

  • Jesus

  • Coffee! (single-origin, light roasted is our favorite!)

  • Currently listening to: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows on Audio book

  • The Office, Parks & Rec, Friends, and New Girl (in that order)

  • Our church, Red Oak

  • Vietnamese food (Pho real)

  • Traveling together (which is great, because we do it A LOT)

  • Golden Hour! (Seriously, it's the BEST time for taking photos—so if you're wondering what time that is—just ask—it changes based on the time of year!)

  • Brides & Grooms who prioritize connection and meaning with each other over the many details that can steal the true focus of their day

  • Paris! We’ve spent 2 different layovers in the city, and both times we ate allllll the pastries and espresso our heart could handle.

  • Most of all, we love getting to meet and connect with you. So, send us an email and let's chat.


Enough about us.  We want to hear from you!