When I was asked to photograph these two, I knew instantly that I had to be sure to capture their personality.  Maurie is one of the most loyal, fun & adventurous women I know, and it's SO fun seeing the two of them interact.  They truly love and respect each other, and despite the fact that as we arrived at our first location, Maurie turned to me and said, "We're a little awkward with pictures, I hope that's okay," I'd like to think otherwise. 

As one of my closest friends, I got to see first hand how Maurie met and fell in love with Adam.  She's one of the good ones, and I'm so happy to say that she's found her match.  These two are as fun-loving as they come.  I'm so excited to see what the Lord does in and through them! I can't wait to photograph them this August when they get married. Yay!!