My parents are going on their 36th year of marriage.  Throughout my life, they have been a pillar of strength, encouragement, and steadfastness that have shaped me and my worldview.  A survivor of breast cancer not once, but twice, my mother remains the image of gentleness and strength.  She is truly a force to be reckoned with.  Growing up, my father always made it a sort of game for them to try and come up with new ways to express their affection for one another.  Surprise gifts, spontaneous dancing in the kitchen, and the consistent date nights wove an atmosphere of sure love for me and my brother.  We never, ever, doubted their devotion and kindness towards one another.  I am forever grateful for this, for them, and for being trusted to attempt to document a portion of their love! At one point in the shoot, I surprised them by playing their "song" on a bluetooth speaker, and they danced--in the middle of the woods, singing to each other, "I can't believe, you're a dream coming true, and I believe how I have fallen for you."


**P.S. Just as an example of my father's thoughtfulness: When they began dating, one day my father took my mom's car to the shop to get the oil changed (this was clearly before ipods or itunes).  In the meantime, he had recorded what would become their song, "Fallen," by Nicolette Larson, on a tape.  When he left the car at her work that same day, he left the song cued in her tape deck (in the car) with a note that simply said, "play me."  How cute is that?!?