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Around this time last year, I looked at Brodie (my husband) and said, "I want us to develop an Advent Study together."  We excitedly dreamed and talked through all the different directions we could go, how we could urge others to adore Christ, and all the things we'd need to do.  

A few months ago, the ball really started rolling and this study started to come to life.  Our desire was twofold: that this advent season you be moved to dwell deeply on the covenant promises of Yahweh, and in that dwelling place that you are moved to act on the implications of such sweet promises that are ultimately fulfilled in Christ.  

In this study, throughout all of December, you'll read passages that speak of man's failure, God's faithfulness to His people, and ultimately how He alone fulfills His promises of redemption.  The passages have been carefully chosen to go through the five major covenants found in Scripture: the Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and the Davidic covenants.  

In studying these covenants, whether by yourself or with your family, you'll work through six questions every day that seek to guide you in contemplating mankind's and your own need for Jesus.  You'll be forced to think through God's unchanging character, His plan, and perfectly timed provision.

One of the other major goals of this study was make it applicable to believers of all ages and in all seasons.  Included in the study are four prints that focus on the fulfillment of Christ to hang around your home/room/dorm this Christmas.  For families, I wanted to see this study as a way to provoke Gospel centered conversation with your children, and to use various tools to turn their sweet hearts towards Jesus.  As a free gift to you, should you choose to go through this study with your family, you will find a coloring map and set of word searches to complete that coincides with each day's Scripture passage.

Brodie and I have prayed and asked that the Lord would not only draw you into deeper intimacy with Christ, but that you are moved to obey Him.  We pray that you think of the nations and their need for Jesus.  We beg Jesus to open your eyes to the needs in your community - foster care, your neighbors, your lost friends and family - and how you can respond in faith to those needs.

May this holiday season be focused on Jesus and all the promises that are found, fulfilled, and met in Him.  He is infinitely worthy.