Welcome to my art home!

I (Caroline Ellis) went to college like most millenials thinking I wanted to study anything and everything all at the same time.  I knew that superseding whatever I studied was the call that the Lord had placed on my life at a young age to take the Gospel of Jesus to the nations.  I eventually landed on Art, fully trusting that the Lord would use those gifts and talents as He saw fit (however He saw fit).  I love the fact that Christ makes us each individually with our own desires, bents, personalities, gifts, etc (it makes life more interesting)!  Immediately following college graduation, I began preparing to spend the next 2 years of my life in India.  For those 2 years I joined a team in a major urban center that not only preached the Gospel to me and those around me daily, but they also encouraged and provided opportunities for me to use my degree.  Returning to the US, I took a job with a ministry (Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters) that has been one of the most consistent forces of influence in my life.  I feel blessed everyday to work in a place in whose mission statement lies the exaltation of Scripture and personal relationships in the proclamation of Christ.  This ministry is where I met Brodie and we were married exactly a 14 months after we met! He is a large part of this business, and I love that he not only sharpens me and makes me a better artist, but he believes in me and actually is the one that had the idea to start it!  

As a wife, I love being able to fill my home with the Word of the Lord, intentionally choosing for it to be what we look to for beauty and truth.  Most of the prints that you will be able to buy will be from Scripture, but some of them will just be fun phrases and words!  Alongside prints, this website is a portfolio location for all of my design & photography work--logos, murals, branding, brochures, t-shirts--you name it, I design it!  Ellis Illustrations is a small business, run from the home on the side of full-time jobs, but I'd love to hear from you--especially if you don't see something that you'd like to buy.  We even do custom orders!  Email me at caroline@ellisillustrations.com and tell me what you'd like!